Would you date a guy you used to like?

Girls, would you accept a date from a guy that you used to be obsessed with if you have a boyfrend that you think he doesn't know about? This guy did not show too much interest in you before like a lot of guys have, but he showed a little. You've only been dating your boyfriend for a few months (with some social media showijg him off, some hiding) and nothing physical has happened. What if your boyfriend is a lot like this guy, but the family would most likely not approve current boyfriend but would love the new guy? Girl is colleg age and indecisive but mature. Please comment.
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I'm not asking if you would cheat, but would you stop talking to (or break up with) current guy? I think he thinks they're boyfrend and girlfriend but she doesn't necessarily.


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  • No I don't cheat

    • Wouldn't want her to, I just think he thinks its more serious than she does.

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