Is it bad kinda screw a kiss on a date?

We met on tinder and this was our third date. And I think we get along great, like really great. So at the end of it he went in for a kiss. And I kinda leaned my face the wrong direction so it was kinda awkward. And I don't know I feel so stupid, it's been three dates already and I do really like him and I feel like a screwed up a lot. So did I?
Can you recover from that? I'm not should I message him now and say something about it?


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  • People go on tinder to get laid. If you go on it for any other reason you are setting yourself up for a major misunderstanding. I don't understand why girls would be expecting anything else. No one you find on there is going to be a keeper anyway.

    • I've been on a good few dates and never was the expectation a hook up

  • I'd find it cute if you got flustered over it, maybe try to have a sense of humor about it and vow to make it right next time

    • I don't know I've never had sex and you might have guessed I don't have a lot of expierence in general. So I don't know I hear this sex after three dates rule and we haven't even kissed, would you not get impatient?

    • Depends on the guy, but I think you should be kissing/holding hands by date #3 at least. If he hasn't brought it up and you aren't ready I wouldn't worry about sex just yet.

  • Justbtell him, you can do better, and keep kissing him until you are satisfied and you have really done a good job


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