Confused About Guys Behaviour Help Needed Please? Male opinions would be great too?

I started getting these messages in Dec 2016 on whatsapp, and I wonder if its this guy I haven't spoken to since May 2016, He acts sort of like this guy, the things that are weird are he said when I asked him where he got my number from, he said he keyed in wrong number, but how is that even possible, I also have my name and pic on there, so if you was trying to get in touch with someone else you would realise before sending it wouldn't u, I wanted to find out more, I asked him how many brothers and sisters he had, he told me, and said u have one brother, but didn't mention sisters, thats true I quizzed him on that he said he read my mind, other weird things are, he still keeps messaging me as I am supposed to be a wrong number, I told him about the guy said he had same name etc, he said do u have his number still, why don't you message him one last time, you don't know maybe something happen, I said the other night to him that he reminds me of that guy and his response was do u think im him I told u I don't know u, and last night he messaged me again we we're talking and at the end he said to me make sure i am not (and then put the name of the person) that u know, I said why did u mention him he said I feel that u think I am him, I said yes but u say ur not him, then ur not him, I have to get used to the idea maybe he's gone forever, he didn't reply and went offline, Does anyone think the way he's acting is weird, and sounds like it could be that guy I knew, why does he keep talking to me do u think, asking me what I've been doing etc? Can anyone help?


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  • Digital stalker


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