Why is my fiancé so mad at me these past couple days?

Yesterday she started a fight for no reason and is mad still and I chose to let her vent cause well, I want to hear what she has to say and figure it out. From what I got she feels I don't do enough around the house when she is stay at home mom and I work all week and provide food and pays half the bills to have a roof to live under. Sometimes I think she maybe crazy but she could possibly be pregnant or time of month. Hard to tell when we can barely communicate when angry.


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  • talk to her when she's calm down. Try to give her "me time" while you stay home and take care of the kids once i a while. She would appreciate that a lot.

    • She has the kids with her right now so I can see why you say she should have me time. Thanks.

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    • Once again thanks, it's always good to ask and see others opinion or just somewhat talk it out. Hope it works and I'll go from there.

    • no problem. Happy to help :)

  • taking care off kids at home and doing ALL the housework, she probably feels not appreciated and tired. she's starting fights because she's drained. look at her intentions and not her actual actions. and also seek first to understand, then to be understood. you may work all day and pay the bills, but being a stay at home mom and a housekeeper is a 24/7 job. she doesn't get breaks, you come home and are done for the day.

    • Similar to previous response, I'll have to put myself in her shoes and show her that I can understand how she feels which I kind of do. Thanks.

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