How do you prove to someone that you love them?

if your partner was questioning your love to them, what would you do to pressure them that you really do?


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  • Sometimes it's just insecurities so I wouldn't take it that personally. It's possible that you just require different things to feel loved. For example, I need to HEAR why he loves me, that I'm appreciated and if he's proud of me. It's not enough to just spend time together. If you can I'd get her to take the "5 love languages" test online because it will tell you what she needs and can be a huge eye opener. It will basically just tell you what you can do to make her feel loved.

    There are different ways of showing you love someone:
    Words of Affirmation - Explaining why exactly you love someone, compliments
    Quality Time - Spending time together as a couple
    Physical Touch - Holding hands, hugs
    Acts of Service - Doing things around the house to make things easier for her
    Gift Giving - Thoughtful surprise gifts

    All relationships need a bit of all 5 but some people may really need physical touch to feel loved, others may prefer gift giving and I think most need words of affirmation and quality time. Also, talk to her and encourage her to open up about why she feels this way.

    • I'm going through this now to be honest. I'm insecure sometimes and get doubts. I wish my boyfriend would give me words of affirmation because I need those words of reassurance. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand that it's something I need. He got hurt and defensive about it saying he shouldn't have to prove anything and I should trust in him and his actions. I told him I just need to hear how he feels sometimes and he pretty much REFUSED. He said that expressing his feelings with words is hard for him so why should he have to make the effort. Which is understandable but I'm kind of lost at what happens next. Is there even a way of compromising? I don't know I think I'll just have to deal with it.

    • Omg thaks for the help. I have a hard time showing my love. so I just think telling her I love her and being with her is enough but it obviously isn't. I would love to do more things for her but we're both in college so money is super tight. I'm just not sure how to get through her head that I truly love her. I will try doing more of those other 3 ways of showing affection to her and seeing if that makes a difference.

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  • If you are with someone that asks you to 'PROVE' that you love them, it is already over, and 'broken'. Real LOVE knows and doesn't ask for 'Proof'!

    • you are so right no need to prove something like that. they should feel that way without even asking.

    • As far as your situation why don't you ask him to write a love letter. or associate symbols with how you feel so when you bring those symbols up you will know without having to say it.

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  • Be kind, respectful, patient, sacrifice for them, care for them, and support them.

    • Second this ^^

      I would also add "being affectionate" to them also

  • By trying


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