I know girls don't like to be harassed for their numbers so how do I differentiate a friendly smile from a smile that lets me know I can approach?

How do you differentiate friendly body language from body language that a girl wants me to approach, I know women say that just because they stare at you doesn't mean they are interested or just because they smile or laugh it's just being friendly or nice so how do I know when a girl is genuinely interested? We were talking about this in my class on human behaviors as well about the body language of men and women in dating etc just for fun but it really didn't help me and it's why I bring this up, another reason is my college has talked about harassment, the whole no means no and also that women do not want to be randomly approached by strangers on campus because it can make them uncomfortable, I don't want to be a 30 year old dude who has never kissed a woman and then girls think I'm a liar or must have something wrong with me and I know I'll get the usual how come you didn't approach women but at the same time I don't want to bother women or offend women who wonder why I stopped them, how do I know the difference between friendly and more than friendly body language?


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  • Google it. Youtube it. There a tons of example. Yet I will add. Just smile and make small talk with the person of interest on campus so that it is something you build on slowly and safely (knowing for sure they are single). Also check to see if she gets nervous or fidgets a lot when you talk to her. In the end trust your confidence as when she sees your confident she'll like that feeling as it makes her more confident (reverse psychology). But careful, there is a fine line that can take you to the sidr of arrogance which is a turn off. Give the subtle hints like I like your smile or you smell good, what perfume is that. this way if she likes you she might respond back or make it obvious.


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