Should I delete him and move on?

I meet a guy 2 months ago at a bar we hit it off right away we ended up closing the place down and ended up at his place after everything I left he wanted to see me again few days later we meet up and had an amazing date and continued to talk though text and sometimes calls he was always really sweet constantly asking how my days is good morning and good nights how he missed me it's was amazing, unfortunately setting up a date on weekends became impossible from the first time things would come up "family emergency " after couple cancalltions and nothing to makeup for it I told him how I felt and we tried seeing each other through the week but sometimes our schedule didn't match up and he lives 2hr from his job. Now fast forward 2 months later dates pretty much don't exist text messages are being replied after hours later and phone conversations don't exist. We ended up spending New Years and it was amazing he was really happy wouldn't let go of me and even told me how crazy he is about me and that he loved me but days later even asked about what he said and he said he means it but how can you miss and love someone and can go weeks without seeing them or even not suggesting any plans even if short. I'm so confused with him it's constant flip one days it's messaging me and I love miss you and the next no good morning text or barely anything. It's making me feel like I'm a bother to him for messaging him and feeling like I'm begging to see him I told how this makes me feel and he apologized said he gets wrapped up in work and family drama but my gut doesn't believe him , you have time to update Snapchat but can't text your girlfriend I want to just delete him break it all off and walk away but same time when I'm with him I feel like there is something there but want to leave at the same just don't have the courage to walk away I don't know what too do


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  • Go slow...


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