Him getting comfortable?

He doesn't text the way he used to. I know he's not a big fan of his phone and busy more lately than normal with renos and that. I miss the sweet texts. I've seen him 3 times this week which is good for us as our schedules are almost totally opposite and our kids haven't met. Most of our communication is through text as dedicating a time each day to talk on the phone with our schedules is not a option. In the last couple weeks he's shown me some childhood pictures of himself, stopped saying certain things (this past week for that; said if said all the time it loses its purpose). When leaving his house earlier he told me to give him hugs and kissed my cheek. He still texts a decent amount with what he's got going on, we have been making plans for a date night as it's been awhile out of the house, he keeps me in the loop on his plans. Is this him getting comfortable in the relationship? We've been dating 3 months but taking it slow.


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  • Could be


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