Is it okay if a girl sends hearts to my boyfriend?

Hello, so I Am in a serious relationship with my boyfriend. We have been dating for 6 months and last night he left to camp for 3 days and told me to keep his streaks on his snap chat. When I went on his Snapchat I found out that he have been snapping a girl for a very long time, and I really wanted to see if they were messaging there, when I opened their conversation I found out that they Been talking and she sends him hearts and calls his "b" sometimes. He does not say it back but still keeps talking to her and one time she said that they should hang out and he said yes. What should I do? Should I tell my boyfriend that I looked at their conversation? Or keep it in side of me? I know I was wrong to look at their conversation, but I have been cheated on a lot in my previous relationships. What should I do? Please help!


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  • Depends on the context. I use emojis a lot, including the heart emojis to friends and I'm married. It's just the way I communicate, it doesn't mean I have romantic intentions towards that person.
    However, if you're uncomfortable with their conversation (and that is completely ok too honey) then I would tell him you saw it. He asked you to login to his snapchat, while that isn't an invitation to snoop you have seen it. It's ok to tell our partners how their behaviour makes us feel - and what do with that information is up to them


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  • If I found this on my boyfriend's phone I'd be so mad at him. Just say to him you accidentally opened the conversation when you were on his snapchat and saw the messages. I'm sure there's probably nothing to worry about seeing as he let you use his Snapchat but bring it up with him just for some peace of mind.

  • Has these messages been recent?

    • Yes, less than 2 weeks ago

    • Wow 😶 You should tell him about it. He'll get back home from camp and it'll be awkward. Just be open about it and tell him.

      Don't approach him in an agressive like way, just approach him about it in a calm like manner. I would ask him why he would talk to such a girl and if there is anything happening between them.

      She could be a flirtatious person (there could be a chance where she likes him too). So far he hasn't reciprocated, which is a good thing. But just show your concern about being friends with someone who acts that way around him. How uncomfortable it makes you feel.

  • tell him the truth


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