Does anybody have any negative or positive stories from dating apps that they would be willing to speak about?

I'm doing a documentary project about the hidden world of dating apps, (Tinder, Grindr, etc.). The information can either be provided through screen shots of messages, or preferably a time when you have met up with somebody and would be willing to have a phone call about it - you can do it from the comfort of you own home. If anybody does, or knows anyone who might be willing to be a part of the project, please let me know. Thank you, Bella


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  • on dating apps u fill find only escorts or fake id's or girls asking for money and nothing else... that's my experience till now

    • Thank you for your response. Would you be willing to use your experience for the project? It can be a short video monologue of an experience of discovering that the person who you thought was going to be nice, turned out to be someone they weren't. Bella

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    • but what kind of project is this?

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  • No, since I have never used a dating app.


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