Girls, As a black man I am so scared to approach to Asian girls (far east)?

I did try before but got curved always, now i think that the "asian girls dont like black guys" is true. I find Asian girls very attractive i even want to marry one but noadays for many reason i feel so scared to even go to talk to one at parties, lectures or in the street. So how many Asians girls on this? Could you let me know how you feel about black men? Ps: I dont have this problem with whites or blacks and oh Thai girls are just the best i have a thai neighbour and i get so under pressure when i see her


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  • Maybe you are too nervous around them. Tell yourself they are humans and that they don't hate you! You just have to be fun, smiles and smart around them. They will surely adore you.
    ***PS: learn a bit of basic Asian languages (ie. Mandarin, japanese, korean) just like the basic greetings, so in case they ask you or something you dont mess up
    Have fun and good luck!


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