I'm scared this girl might be into me?

I matched with this girl on Tinder last week and hopefully we are going on a meetup tomorrow, however i'm thinking back on the past week's conversation i've had with her and i'm getting signs she's internested (apart from her starting the conversation today we've sexted a couple of times)

However now that's she starting to give off sings of being interested i'm starting to freak out slightly. I haven't opened up my heart to someone really since 2nd year of uni (4 years ago). Unfortunatley that situation didn't go well and it properly messed me up and left me quite broken, I developed a closed and slightly cold heart after that, but i have no idea how to bring the situation up with this girl without giving off the "He is still in love with an old flame" kinda thing.

I do really wanna meet this new girl we click very well

I'm just not sure what to do


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What Girls Said 1

  • I understand. My advice is to go ahead with the date and try not to worry too much about it. Take it slow, keep things light, and if you feel comfortable enough with her as time goes on, then you'll just open up to her when you're ready. You don't really know her yet! Don't let social media fool you! I think after we get hurt we all get more guarded - human nature!

    • I say possibly as she is quite busy this weekend but this isn't the first time i've had 'cold feet' as it were. I've guarded myself so much in the past 4 years i vowed to myself NEVER to let that happen again

What Guys Said 1

  • Oh man. I was there. The person I'm with currently; I was hesitant to take the shot. I didn't know how it was gonna go. If I was going to be able to stop thinking about that other person for even a week at most. It kept pretty closed up and afraid to date again. I /was/ still romantically inclined to that other person. It's a difficult predicament.

    Letting go was surprisingly easy. If this new person is worth it, in your eyes. Go for her. If you both show some sort of interesting and/or willingness to fight for one another, go for her. It's a little frightening and maybe you should wait it out a bit to confirm it'll take a positive toll. Talk to her about. Communicate these feelings. Lack of communication is what normally leads to the downfall of relationships. I know you're not exactly there, but it still helps to start now, as opposed to later.

    • Either way, from my experience, if you do have a great connection with this person, I'd say try to bring this up in a conversation and slowly open up if she seems to want to go for it also.

      I also feel you on that calloused heart part; it's a sickening feeling, but this fucker (my current girlfriend :3) has kept me smiling.

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