What does it mean when a guy does this?

So I saw my Crush. We both past by each other and we were looking at each other and when he was looking at me he smiled and shook his head... he Sometimes does that when we pass by each other... but what does it mean when a guy does that? (Also he has a gf)


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  • you note down this for your next date
    girls mind�� :
    20% - love
    40% - shopping
    35% - makeup
    5% - sex.
    # boys mind�� :
    97% - sex
    1% - whom to have sex.
    1% - where to have sex.
    1% - how to have sex by condom/without.


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  • Nothing. It doesn't mean anything at all.


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  • it means he thinks about you but he knows its wrong to because of him having a girlfriend he is thinking and then stopping himself when he shakes his head

  • He must be want to tap the booty of yours. I guess he regret being with his girlfriend.

    • Stop with the stupid answers I need a real answer!

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