Why does this guy send me dozens of long text messages every day after our first date that went great but then doesn't ask me out for a second?

What is his deal? He sends me very long messages at least a dozen a day everyday. He also compliments me, but doesn't ask me out for a second date?


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  • You could too ask him out for the second date. There's no rule to it right?

    • We're both very conservative in this area, so I don't think he'd appreciate it if I asked him out. Besides if he wanted to see me again he'd ask me himself.

    • If i had a date as great as you did, i wouldn't let there be a gap longer than a week (at the most). I would at least talk about having the second date at the earliest if i actually had no time to devote all week (because i was fighting zombies).

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  • Maybe he expects you to ask him out.

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