I pushed him away because he's rough around the edges... did I make a mistake?

I find myself attracted to a co-worker. He's a little rough around the edges, wears camo everyday, redneck, smokes, etc. He flirted with me and everything, like straight cheesin when he was around. Mentioned when the co-workers were going out and wanted to know if I wanted to come. Actually he was pretty sweet. I teased him back but also pushed him away. One night he was saying, "You know that I tease you a lot and it may seem like I don't like you..." as I was gathering the garbage and I just walked away. I was just nervous, and I feel badly now. He called me "your highness" and stuff in a joking manner and maybe he thought me stuck up? I just didn't want to let my guard down. Plus I did feel like he wouldn't be someone my family would like him and I felt like he needed to grow up more.. Did I make the right call or am I truly a stuck up bitch?


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  • Don't know but I think it's absolutely pathetic to let parents dictate who you can fall in love with

    • that's not entirely my reasoning behind pushing him away but it's part of it. it's more like... would my parents approve of his character, etc. i guess that means he's kind of a bad boy.

    • Again I don't give a fuck what my parents think. If I love someone I'm gonna be with them and if my parents want to be selfish assholes and cut me out of their life then that's on them not me. I think it's pathetic for you to let that happen

  • You did the right thing. Nothing against that look or type of person, but I also do not like the camo/redneck thing either. Some women just love it, let them take him.


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