Where am I wrong anyway?

Not fat - check
Confident - check
No signs of baldness - check
Clean-shaven -check
Talkable - check

What I lack anyway, and I don't get any chicks when I hit on them? I believe if those babes gave me a chance to get to know me better, they'd be amused.

Not that I'll break down and cry if they don't want me... it's their loss. They can find a fat hairy dude, who behaves like your typical boring gentleman, if that's what they like. I know I am better than any of them, and one day I will meet a girl who will appreciate me, and ignore whatever I lack of.


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  • You sound too full of yourself. It may also be the way you approach women or maybe your just not their type


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  • Try to avoid confusing confidence with conceit.

    How are you talking to girls? What typically happens when you hit on a girl?

    • Today for example, I was in the park and came across a group of two girls when I was walking in the marina (which happens to be next to the park), who were eating snacks. As I walked by them, I noticed the one staring at me for a little, so I winked at her.

      Actually I was on my way to the restrooms, so when I finished my business there and returned back, I decided to talk to them.

      Me: Hey, may I ask you something?
      Girl : Umm... yes?
      Me: I saw you staring at me before...
      Girl : Well... I wasn't looking at you.
      Me: Hmmm... are you sure? Do you like me?
      Girl : I have a boyfriend anyway.
      Me: Oh really? What about your friend? Does she has a boyfriend too?
      Girl : Yes...
      Me: Tsk... Ok. Bye.

    • Bad! That's the part you should work on a bit, social approach.

      First of all if you ask a girl if she's staring at you, even if she was, that's a confrontational move. It might work in some very specific context like a bar if some girl is staring at you excessively and you have a smooth and charming way of asking it, but it's still risky.

      Far easier is just like, "Hey, how's it going?" Friendly and cheerful, easy-going. That's much more easy to work into a natural conversation than winking at girls and asking if they were staring at you.

    • Try to change your primary goal to just getting into a fun and amusing conversation with a girl. You might even goof around and tease and joke a little bit, get a playful dynamic going with a girl. Then if that's working and the girl is playing back at you, ask her to hang out some time.

      Tone it down with the flirting and winking and being so direct as to telling a girl she was staring at you. Go a bit more friendly and easy.

      On dates you can step it up and get more physical with a girl.. same kind of approach but you're combining it with touching and grabbing and kissing (basically just unleash the inner beast but only as the girl lowers her guard from having a good time with you).

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  • Too salty man


What Guys Said 3

  • Bitter attitude.

  • You need more meme love.

  • Looks, hair etc