She wants a bad boy?

hey judge me if u want but im a usually nice person but my girlfriend said im too nice and she likes bad boys sometimes what do i do?


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  • Personally feel when girls say they want a bad boy it's an act, GOOD girls they want a loving respectful goofy boyfriend who showers her with affection..

    • yeah i hope so

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    • Never let anyone change who you are listen if she doesn't like you because she's too nice than that's her loss because some girls PRAY to find a guy that's too nice. Not to sound cliche but if it's meant to be it will happen chances are if she's saying something like that she's not the one. And if you say you are all of those good characteristics you will find a good honest hard working loving women that adores you and you'll adore her.

    • yeah true thank you

  • Seems like that was a hint she isn't interested anymore


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