This guy asked me to "please promise wait for him," what could possibly be the reason he can't see me now?

Im 22, in college. He and I went to high school together but never spoke. We're friends on Facebook and he started to talk to me, now that I'm at college an hour away. He has been messaging me off and on for a year, not deep convos and none that have lasted past a half hour long. he keeps suggesting to meet but we never do. He isn't a ladies guy, i haven't seen him with anyone before, and he's quiet. Today we were messaging again when he asked me to promise to wait for him, and that he just has things to take care of, but to please please wait for him.

1) does he think we have something?
2) what could possibly be the reason he can't see me now and wants me to "wait for him"?


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  • uhm... weird, maybe he is really insecure about something and he wants to be better before starting something, or maybe ge is playing you, maybe he is gay :)) it could be a lot of things, in any case, you should ask him what he wants, waiting shouldn't be an option


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