Usually he's the one that likes to please, does he have a problem with me pleasing him?

Okay so, I just started seeing this guy he's used to being with girls that he is usually the one that pleases them in the relationship.. but that's the way I am and I like to please my man and take care of him he says it doesn't bother him that he likes it it's nice to be the one that gets taken care of.. is he just saying this to be nice or does he actually really like it? Honest opinions please!!


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  • every man likes when a girl takes care of them.

    • Understandable, but real question do they find it to be annoying or too much?

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    • So he told me that I was motherly and he had a good time and he hoped I did as well do guys genuinely mean what they say or is he just trying to sleep with me?

    • Depends on their character and past but the fact that she called you motherly means that he cares about you. Depends on age too. If you both are under 20 you will face hardships in future difficult to overcome. They say real love comes after you have passed 20. If he thinks about future with you in it then he most likely loves you.

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  • No, nobody has an issue with being pleased.


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