Say a guy friend likes a girl, and she knows it. Would it be normal if she makes fun of him for not asking her out?

This is exactly what she's doing. A few weeks ago my friend said she loved me, and even made a gift for me, and even stole my phone and spammed it with photos while giggling. This week she got added to a group chat with my friends, and when class ends she always types something in that is directed at me. Such as "[my name] doesn't know how to respond to a flirting girl, probably why he's still single" or "[my name] is the lonely guy" or "all the English words in the dictionary and [my name] can't ask a girl out." But four days ago in class she walked over to me and said she was sorry and gave me a tight hug. Two days ago she wanted to know why I like her and I typed in every little detail about her, and she said she didn't know what to say except she was flattered. The next day she ran down the hall calling my name and just jumped and wrapped her arms around me, and rested her head on me telling me I was so sweet. Is this normal girl behavior or something? Thanks.


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  • Question - why don't you make the next step if you like her and she, more than obviously, likes you? If you like her but want to stay in friend zone - tell her that; if you like her and you have ideas beyond friend zone - ask her out. the girl is getting impatient by the looks of it (that's why all the teasing) and if you're not gonna make a move, there's a chance she'll ask you out... or worse - she'll be fed up with you and let it go. Ask yourself what you want.


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