Girls, would you date me?

I haven't ever had a girlfriend, so I'm wondering if I'm just undatable. I'm white, brown hair, blue and brown eyes. I am also 5'11. I am about to graduate from college. I'm going to Grad School in the fall. I've always been told I have a great sense of humor. I have a typical nice guy personality. If there's anything else feel free to ask, but my question still remains.


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  • You sound good so far
    But tbh I would not date you if I don't feel myself with you.

    For example
    There was a guy who was good looking
    Nice and all but he would be always top sweet as in no jokes, no teasing nothing. Only compliments and that is all. That was boring to me.

    • I realize that there is a click factor as well, but it's kinda hard to judge that on the internet. I personally would probably joke with and tease my girlfriend if I ever get one.

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    • It's a bit hard to explain, but it's similar to what you were talking about. You were attracted to him but you didn't really click in terms of personality.

    • Oh yeah

  • Blue and brown eyes?
    How many eyes do you have?


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