Is there an age at which if you have zero dating experience, you're doomed to be single forever?

  • No there isn't
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  • 18+
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  • 21+
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  • 25+
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  • 30+
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  • 35+
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  • 40+
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  • You're only doomed to be single forever if you nothing to change your current status.

    • if you do* nothing

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    • What if you're really ugly.

    • You'll never know what girls will think, you don't can't really say if they'll think you're ugly. Even if you consider yourself so, it's still worth a try.

  • 25-29. That's pretty much the end. ;)

    Seriously, no. There's no end. Who knows when you'll find the right person? Just relax and let life take it's course.


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