How do I get over being bitter about men?

I met a lot of guys who verbally abused me and treated me bad. The last guy I was with treated me like crap. And we were just talking not even dating. I use to put all my energy into guys only to be disappointed.

I have had time to reflect on this, and I realize that some of this was my fault and that I could have prevented it. However, I can not help but feel that I have a lingering feeling of bitterness left over against men.

I still feel that they all want one thing even though I know that there are good men. I am taking the time the look for a job and focus on myself to make myself happy. I have not been with anyone in 4 years, and I have not had sex in 4 years.
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  • Sorry you were treated that way and affected adversely. I would take the lessons you learned from those past relationships and apply them going forward. It will not be easy going forward, but I think when you are ready to try again you will do better. I am not certain the best way to move on, but trying may help.

  • hang out and be friends with men in a non sexual context to help get over it that would probably help we're not all bad

  • I'm sorry that these men did this to you and make you feel this way about us.

    • And might I add now (since you bumped the post) that focusing on a job and yourself is probably for the best. You shouldn't need a guy to make yourself happy, and you shouldn't beat yourself up over them mistreating you. That's them not you, and they will get what they deserve when they are old and alone or trapped in a bad marriage.

      A lot of guys feel the same frustration with women. Best of luck to you in finding the right guy one day.

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