Guy is giving me hot and cold signals? Is he interested or should I just leave it alone?

So this guy and I have a LOT in common.
He initiated first saying we should hang out.
I gave him my number. We were supposed to meet today but that didn't happen.
He wanted me to send him pictures. I asked him for his pictures and he was really reluctant on sending them to me. He finally sent them slowly.. even of his "thing".
He says he doesn't sleep around so he won't hook up. That if he sleeps with someone they become his girlfriend.
So I said okay so what now? He said he wants to spend more time with me and asks to meet up early tomorrow. I said sure... but he replies so slow. I feel like Im more interested in meeting up than he is. Like he's giving me the run around. Should I just stop replying? Right now Im at the point that I don't even care but I do want a valentine date so I'm pursuing it lol.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Probably likes you even though you're not his type so he isn't sure. Show him you have a good personality but don't overdo it.

    • I don't know he says I'm stunning. We are the same age. I just feel more eager than he does. He asked me out then he stopped replying. I feel like he's messing around.

    • He might also like someone else then.

What Girls Said 1

  • How slow are we talking? A few hours in between every single one? Days? Some people don't have as much time/opportunity to reply, is at least catch up and see how the chemistry is


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