Does my crush genuinely treats me as a sister?

So I have this crush from my mixed class (it only happens once a week) and let's just call him James. It was a mixed class and a new semester so I didn't know anyone in the class, except for my new team mates.

So a few weeks later, I was in the food court alone and I saw James. He said Hey (my name), and I was quite shocked that he remembered me.

The following week, three of my teammates didn't come to school. So James actually came to my table, called out my name and told me that I can come to him if I need help.

So the last week of school before the holidays start, James called out to me and asked if I was at the library yesterday, he told me he was sitting behind me (and I was so shocked that I didn't realise that lol) I seized the chance to continue the conversation. I also realised that after that day, we would have a one month break before we could see each other again, so I mustered up my courage to texted him.

We became much closer during the holidays, however, when I told him I'm the only child of my family and was pretty lonely, he actually offered to be my god brother (it was during a call, and I was so shocked that I forgot what I replied to him)

So most of the time he repeatedly called me a sister, and that he's my brother. He sends me morning texts, asked me what I'm doing during the day etc, bought me souvenirs during his vacation. I'm really not sure of what he feels about me.

When we see each other in sch after the holidays, we didn't talk much, compared to the texts. (Probably because I'm such an awkward potato) There was once he invited me to a lunch with his friends (whom I know none of them) but I didn't go.

Next week would be the last day we will see each other, because we're not having mixed class anymore. Should I confess to him that I like him? Even after he sis-zoned me? He seems half heartedly interested... But I don't really know now. If I tell him that I like him, will he start noticing me that way?


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  • Just tell him

  • "Let's just call him James" tired if reading these


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  • A crush is a person one has one-way feelings, you like him, but does he likes you? This may be the reason he treates you as sister.


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