Whats going on? Are we gonna be more or are we just hooking up?

Met a guy finals week when we went out to celebrate. We've been talking since. We hooked up two days after we met when he came over to my place, I made dinner, the whole 9. I left for a vacay, and the day I got back we went out. Since, we've gone out at least once a week, but it's always a bar or dance hall. When new years came around he invited me out to his place for a bonfire. I thought it was gonna be a rager. I got there and it was 6 of his close childhood friends and they were all coupled up. He went back to college which is only an hour and a half from me. My cousin goes to the same school so I frequently make trips out there. We have a snap streak since we met and we're each others number one best friends. I've slept over and and not had sex before. Actually I slept over and I was cramping and he rolled over and put his hands on my stomach where my ovaries are and that was great. But then we went to a concert and I went back to his frat house for a party, he was cool most the night and then I don't know he just got part that point of drunk I assume and he just disappeared. Turns out he went to his place and slept it off. The catch was he told me I could stay at his place anytime I came to visit but he left me there and I didn't have a place to stay. I found one no problem, but that's besides the point. He just left me there, wtf. But he also agreed to go to my cousins pageant with me. i was going to up there last week, and I was like if I come up there what are we gonna do? and I had to be very obvious that I wanted it to be a date. At with point I asked again and he said he'd come up with something. So maybe he's just shy and dumb when it comes to girls? One of his childhood friends at the bonfire asked if we were a thing and I said I don't know, and she said "yes, thats just how he is." So whats going on? We have sex, but thats not all we do, but he doesn't seem gun ho about going on dates, so... whats going on?
Update turns out we were just hooking up. lol.


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  • Talk to him and figure out what he wants, what you want, and move forward from that


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  • You should definitely ask him to find out if he wants to be more serious.


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