Does a woman's wetness depends on how hot she thinks the guy is?

I met a girl in a club, and we had sex and I could not believe how turned on she was and how wet she was.

I asked her, damn you are enjoying this shit, she said "i can't help it, your are just too smart"

Is this reality?

  • Yes, the more hot she thinks you are, the more wet she is gonna be and more turned on she will feel.
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  • No, it doesn't happen like this.
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  • Others (i want to give my own comments)
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  • kind of but not necessarily. if a girl finds you attractive she's going to be more turned on obviously but during her 'fertile days' a girl tends to be wetter down there even without any stimulation. it's a little like a surprise boner when you have no idea why you got it. so yeah it could be either one

  • Yeah a little bit


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