Would Indian Girls date Hispanic guys?

There is a seriously pretty Indian exchange student at my university. I was wondering if she would be into a Hispanic guy like me. I am 5ft 10in tall and have a pale complexion most people consider me white. I was wondering if she would give me a shot, or consider dating me during this semester at least.

Anyone else


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  • I'm not Indian so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a huge deal to date/settle down with someone within your race if you're Indian?

    • That's been the case with most Indian girls I've met, but I think it has more to do with Hindu traditions discouraging interfaith marriage than ethnicity.

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    • Oh, maybe so. The Indian girls I've met and talked to focused more on Hinduism than ethnicity which is why I thought it had more to do with religion than anything else.

    • This is what I was thinking. I was wondering if it was a stereotype or true.

  • I would date a Indian guy and I am Hispanic actually Puerto Rican.

  • can we see your image?

    • I don't really feel comfortable putting my image up on this site. Maybe through a message I would.
      Are you indian? Is it a big problem if the man isn't Indian

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    • No I mean man. Read again. I think you misunderstood. I am not indian. I am asking if it's a problem if the man (me) is not indian.

    • oh...
      it can be sometimes BUT this is dependant on the girl and her family...

      what do you mean by Indian?
      Like Hindu or Sikh or another type of Indian?

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