How easy is it to use tinder here in the uk?

For a relationship? Date?


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  • It's not so bad, some of my friends have found relationships on there. It's definitely far easier if you are nearby a university. Just be sure to state that you're looking for something along the lines of a relationship and not just some hookup.

    There are definitely a lot more guys than girls on there for sure so you certainly won't get a lot of matches if you're not at least average looking.

    Be sure to start off the conversations in an interesting way.

    • You can give me an example? Of an interesting conversation starter?

    • Hard give an exact example, I do like it if they reference to something in my bio or pictures, either make a joke or if you can relate, or maybe a question. Simply saying "Hi/How are you" will most likely leave you ignored or leave the conversation dead after a minute. I particularly love questions as it shows interest in getting to know me.

    • Only thing I found is a girl who wanted to fuck tonight but tonight I was busy haha, I'll wait to see how the app goes

      Made a account today just to try it and etc

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  • I imagine it's easy to use, but difficult to land a decent date.

    • Yeah, not having a good Luck on this app

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  • some areas of UK forget about it. Greek gods and goddesses walk around. I once used my tinder in some random area of UK, needless to say 0 matches and every girl that came up looked victoria secret model level and had AT LEAST 5'11'' written as their height and then i decided to look up men. Looksmatched and its like humanity there started at being a huge frame 6'5'' guy with a 8+ face. Unless u want to be traumatized dont use it.


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