Girls, Do women unconsciously get attracted to a man based on other men's reactions to him (more below)?

Like if you are with a guy friend and that friend finds out that a man you are both talking to has or makes a lot of money and then unconsciously things happen and you get attracted to that man? If a man has or makes a lot of money does that make him uncounciously more dominant over other men if they know that which might be attractive to women or you?
I could be wrong sorry.
Yeah, I am wondering what happens when women see that men they know well feel like a man they are talking to or something can help them survive a lot or something like that. Or can increase their chance of survival a lot. I have no idea if any of this even does anything.


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  • Some do some don't.
    Money doesn't have any effect on my attraction to a guy so I'd say no in my case.

  • It depends, I mean, if the other guy's got more money it's probably because he works harder and I would definitely be more attracted to someone I can admire

    • Sorry, I wish I could delete this question.

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    • Because I am pretty sure it is wrong. Sorry.

    • Yeah, I think my update was totally ridiculous.

  • No, I don't think so.


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