Does this makes me racist or a self-hater that I prefer White women and think they're more fun, easy-going and laid-back than?

Mexican women or Latina women in general?

I'm a Mexican-American guy and I tend to prefer White women more since there seems to be less drama with them than Latina girls, in my personal experience. White women seem more laid back with their men and don't try to make the relationship revolve around only them all the time like some Latina girls do in my experience.

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  • I never knew that Latina women were that dramatic. I knew black women were, but not Latina.


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  • You should stay away from American women then.


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  • No, you have a preference.


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  • Mexican are not a race they are white... smh

    • "Mexican are not a race they are white"

      You just contradicted yourself by assuming that all of us are white when technically, we can be of any race, lol. The majority of us just so happen to be Mestizo (Mixture of American Indian and White European).

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    • LOL! What a poor troll attempt (along with your shitty grammar). Now if you'll excuse me, I will stop feeding you attention and move on to another GAG question.

    • ok I know you had to describe your self thanks pink troll go play in the sun, fucking vampire

  • I agree with you on saying that in dating white American girls