Guys, How much should he prioritize his family over me?

I had an ex boyfriend of 8 years whom I knew would prioritize his family over me. It really affected my self esteem and so forth. So now I am dating another guy. Definitely prioritize his family. He has said that a lot of time that his family is top is in his life. I have no issues with that. But to what point? I just don't want to waste my time again. For example, if he has a family weekend away. Should I be totally cool with the fact he doesn't say hi at all? And say if I become a spouse, is it unreasonable of me to think he should prioritize me and our own family?

Serious opinions. Thanks. :)


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  • Google "Matt 19:5"
    "gen 2:24"
    "Mark 10:7"

    as a husband (not boyfriend but husband) he is SUPPOSED to prioritize you and your children (in that order) about all else. your family together should become his top, number 1 priority. his parents and extended family comes 2nd. that is the proper order.

    to be honest it doesn't seem as though he understands this. you'll want to make WELL sure that he does before you consider marriage. if he does not have this simple but important revelation concerning priorities, it will get worse after you're married.
    imagine your husband going to his mom to talk about his problems as work before he comes to you. imagine him taking to his mom when he's upset with you before even bringing it up with you to talk... this and more is what will happen if his priorities are not straight. you don't seem like the type of woman who wants a mother in law who play-acts as wife.
    of course he still lives his fam dearly after marriage, but those priorities being in order are so very important.


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  • How long have you been dating the current?

    Have you invited him to your family events?

    Have you met his parents, and try building a relationship with them?

    Are you and he living together?

    Tbh, a guy like this sounds to be the type that values family values, which in turn would mean that if/when he does get married and has kids they would be his priority above anything.


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