Personal issues with dating, advice?

I am indian (5'3) and dating just sucks. The thing is that I am tired of being alone. I WANT A GIRLFRIEND. That's is when I tired looking at some dating forums and found that height was a big factor and I am devastated because I feel like no one wants to date me because of my height :/ . I think I am an awesome guy, who is amazingly talented, funny and pretty good looking. I tired a bunch of dating sites (okaycupid, coffeemeetsbagels, match. com, plentyoffish) all these for 2-3 years and I haven't gotten a single response. I made the effort with photos and messaging people and no response. Usually I rarely meet girls in real life but, now I am doing that more often. Before I would always get rejected and I didn't know why, I feel like its my height. Secondly, I like women from different ethnicity as well but, find it odd that the girls usually date within there own race. (From my personal experiences) I thought it was funny and I always wondered why? I have made great strides into improving myself (eating healthy, finding a good haircut, hitting the gym).

For dating in real life, I don't want to come off as a creep. But, if I see a girl that I was interested in I really don't know what to say. I usually say hi and try to start a conversation. I don't want to seem like a guy on the prowl but, I do want a girlfriend who will be there for the long term. In my mind I have also been debating how long should you know a girl before asking them out? I mean if its a friend I would wait at least a month but, if its a stranger I think I would ask them right away. Am I right or wrong on that? Lastly, with all these girls that have been rejecting me/ignoring me my self-esteem is low :/.

I know confidence is key, I feel like I have that to some extend but, I fear that I will come as a creep. I also have to admit that I don't have that many friends. I plan to go to the bars alone, and a few meetups in the city. Any advice?


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  • You have to have a different approach to the problem. Stop worrying about girls and working on your issues... maybe you think you are ok from all poibts of view, but clearly you are not. Start watching youtube channels about self improvement ( actualized. org), about being a man (alpham), and about dating ( i don. t have an example here, you will find a looot) and after that start aproaching women on the street... start making lots of new friends, expanding your social circle... it is hard at first... really hard because you have to change your habbits... but it is worth it... oh, and check out " charisma on command" on youtube, also a great channel... and also read books... self improvment books... that. s all


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