In general, how does someone show they like you?

I'm very aware that I keep choosing the wrong men. I'm not doing it intentionally but I'm mistaking certain actions as someone liking me. Spending time together, going out to do things, the way they talk to me, etc. Eventually I realize they never liked me, some sooner than others.

There are men who have told me they were interested in me but that was after I was seeing one person (I only focus on one person at a time) or they were in relationships. I don't remember them showing interest in me at all so when they tell me I try to figure out what I missed. I feel I have no idea what to look for that's genuine.


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  • they will tell you they like you.

    • Tbh I don't know about that. I've had two guys tell me that liked me but they never wanted to date me. Anyone can say they like you just to get what they want.

    • oh the question is how they show you.. sorry. they show you by always wanting to be around you

    • that's true. I would observe their focus on you. do they treat you different than others? that's a sign of interest

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  • If the someone we're talking about is a pupper or a doggo, Oh You'll Know If They Like You.

  • ... no idea...


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