Catch up or hook up?

A while back I messaged a friend from high school on Facebook. We talked for a while before exchanging numbers. He was very sweet and he was usually the first to text and asked if we could meet up to catch up before he moves. We are both pretty busy and decided I would join him and his friends who where coming in from out of town, so he left the decision up to me. We could meet up on Friday with some of his friends or go out just the two of us on Saturday. I choose Friday assuming if all went well we would meet up Saturday too. We didn't talk too much because I wanted him to enjoy his time with his friends and didn't want to annoy him. He bought me a drink. And before I knew it is was 2 a. m. And we went our separate ways. We texted for a little while in the morning, and I said I'd like to return the favor and buy him a drink. He said he would appreciate that and asked what I was doing that day (Saturday when we were oginally supposed to go out with his friends from out of town). I just said I was visiting my parents and he said the same and that was pretty much it. I cannot tell if he just wanted to sleep with me and the conversation died because he didn't want to talk to me since nothing happened , or if he was waiting for me to ask him to get drinks that night. I liked Him in high school so I don't want to be annoying of overbearing. I'm not expecting anything because he is moving soon. Just want to get a drink just the two of us and catch up. But I don't want to come across as crazy or annoying by asking him out again.
what should I do?
what is his thinking?


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  • Catch up


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