A Tale of Misery and Woe WOAH?

There once was a girl I had met online, her beauty was so divine, I fallen for her and loved her to the end of time. She turned out to be a man, I got scared.. I stopped using tinder. The end. Learn from this my brothers and sisters.



What Girls Said 2

  • lol. lesson learned.

    • Indeed, I think I'm going to be more careful of these 'women' for now on. Next time I ask for a picture of her I'll say "Take a picture of an apple on top of your head holding a card with your name in front of you" lmaoo

  • I kind of want to know at what point you found out...

    • About a month into the so called relationship, lmao. I reversed searched the image 'she' had given me.

    • Ah so you hadn't met in person yet? Maybe it was just a catfish though

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  • Da faq

    • she was a catfish dude

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    • You didn't buy it dinner first did you?

    • Reverse image search, my man! Putting in your dilligence

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