Why do my parents keep trying to sabotage my relationship with my boyfriend for no reason?

Okay so i got my boyfriend last semester at 15. Everything was going all fine until In Dec, my bf's granma took his phone so i of course let him borrow mine because i trusted him. Well that was a big mistake. He sent both of my parnts a rely big paragraph about how we were together and how he just wants my parents to get to know him after I've told him 100 times not to tell my parents. So my dad wakes me up out of my sleep because the text message that i had no idea that my boyfriend would send tht. He got me into a bunch of trouble. My dad starts hitting me and yelling why i thought what i was doing was okay but my parents never said i couldn't date. When i ask am i allowed to have a boyfriend, they get mad at me and tell me to shut up and not ask that. My boyfriend keeps telling me that it'll b alright but he doesn't understand that he put me through a lot of bs. My dad called all my teachers and checks on me when I'm at school to see if i have a boyfriend. He wants to talk to me tonight but i don't like talking to my father because he yells at me and says what I'm doing is not right? Or that he won't allow it? My relationship has nothing to do with him. He just doesn't want me to have one but the only reason give is because "i am the parent so u listen to me" He's threatening to make me move schools n i don't want to and i think thats unnecessary. I can't speak my mind becuze he is very stubborn and says I'm disrespectful and he will get mad if i answer okay or he'll hit me if i say the opposite of what he expects. One time he gave me aknot on my forehead. Can he get into trble if i tell my teachers or counselor in school? Also i want to blck all my fam members from my social media becuz they're too nosey? My sister in colge always talks down on me and my parents gossip to her whenvr they get mad at me. How do i tell my sister to mnd her business? I feel alone and miserable.


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  • Um, that's child abuse. And yeah, you should report it. You're not doing anything crazy, they never told you you couldn't get into a relationship and now he's beating you because your in 1? I'm sorry to hear about your situation, your father is crazy.

  • Sounds pretty abusive. You're not doing anything wrong after all, you're just dating. It's normal.
    It wasn't nice of your boyfriend to go behind your back and tell your parents tho.
    But you should talk to teachers and/or a counsellor about your dad. He doesn't have to hit you.

    • should i stay in this relationship or let him go?

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