Girls, What exactly does "You don't know how girls work at all" mean?

Been talking to a girl for ~1.5 months now. No issues whatsoever. Always talking throughout the day, late into the night.

Suddenly she stops talking to me, literally mid conversation. I know it's not a "She lost interest" kind of thing because just before this, she spoke to a friend and said things like "I'm being dumb. I'm letting my emotions hold me back. I really like him. Etc Etc".

Then when she contacted me ~2-3 days later she says things like "I've been sad lately. I'm sorry it's stopped us from talking much."

I then asked her why she's been sad and if there's anything I could do to help her (I know it has to do with me) and she said she'd rather not talk about it.

Then I respond with "Yeah of course. I didn't mean to pry at all."

Then she pulls a "You don't know how girls work at all :P".

I clearly see this is some game she's playing, but seriously... is this really a thing? I'm not being inconsiderate at all in my opinion. Listen, if you want to talk, talk to me. Tell me how you feel, I'm not some ass, I'll talk to you about literally anything. So I just wanted to see what other females had to say about this issue. Honestly, I love talking to her but I honestly am not willing to bend my pride to play her game since there's literally no reason for this game.
Did I really say something to warrant "You don't know how girls work at all"?

Because I honestly think I know how they work. She wanted me to somehow say "Yeah I've really missed you a lot. Not talking to you has really hurt me deeply".

I'm not saying that. In my opinion, if someone said to me I'd say "Pump the brakes kid. Relax a little. You're going a bit overboard".


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  • Then you need to tell her that she can talk to you about anything


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