Am I being played? Or not?

Hello there, so I have a love question for you all. I've been seeing this guy, well not really seeing him. It all took place a couple of months ago where we approached me to dance with him, we danced and slow danced. I have to say that was one of the happiest moments of my life. Because.. I actually got noticed by a guy. So a few weeks later he was out there again and we danced.. and I could tell he was staring at me and probably developing feelings. So a few weeks later went by and he came out again (he's in college and is a Resident assistant) he came out before the holiday before going home and he said to me he didn't want anyone else dancing with me. So that was the dead giveaway he liked me. So we flirted, danced and slow danced, and then I asked for his Snapchat or number so I got his snap and later that night when going home he sent me one and we hit it off from there.
30 or so days past we were on a streak and he returned back to college. (Lives in a town a couple hours away from his college) He returned back and the communication started to dwindle.
I was getting worried, but he told me he was busy. Then after 2 weeks without him snapping me, he snapped me when I was at the dance and he wasn't there. He told me that he had to work on those days of the dance but why wasn't he snapchatting me? He always talked about before how "we'd make a cute couple, that he's falling for me and that he should take me out sometime." But never asked me to go out. I was starting to get over the fact that he had "disappeared" on me. What do I do? Now he opened my Snapchat and didn't reply. Do I move on? Or pursue this guy? He seems really sweet, but them again I guess I barely know him.


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  • follow your heart..

  • yes, you're being played


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  • Aw this is sad. Maybe you should wait for him to message you, if he doesn't, then it's probably over.


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