I never had a boy friend and I bad about?

All my friends at least dated or kissed someone, some even had 2-3 relationships already. I never had anything like that. The ones that show interest in me are the ones that I don't like. The ones I like, some do like me back but never actually make the move and ask me out. I know that I am still 18 but I feel lonely tbh and I really would like someone I like or at least someone attractive to me to feel something for me.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I not good looking enough? I am not fat but like slim either, more like almost flat stomach and some butt-meat (my bmi is 25. Something). I used to exercise and will soon be starting again once exams are over, so I am not fat but muscle usually.

I am bit reserved yes but I am not shy of talking to guys, usually I am the one who approaches first. I don't know, I am just tired of liking someone and that guy showes interest but looks the other way round when a more confident and easy girl comes along.


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  • Approach the guys you like more often im kind of in your same boat, dont worry about it. Getting into relationships is over rated when your time comes you will meet the one.


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