Im a guy using sisters account: I broke up with her. because of long distance. what do you think?

broke up with this girl I've been talking to for over a year now. she lives in jordan. great girl. caring. loving. cute

i told her how we are gonna get married one day and have kids and what we will name our kids. we bought each other gifts.

but now i felt long distance will be tough considering she will have to move all the way from jordan. learn a new culture. we are both arab. but im American and she isn't. we have different backgrounds

  • Good move. Get someone local that you can go on dates with regularly before marrying
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  • "she lives in jordan. great girl. caring. loving. cute " Why did I read this with Donald Trump's voice?

    Why were you dating your sister?


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  • This person is a troll.


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  • Get your own account. This is at least your 2nd question about this topic and, again, using your sister's account.

  • No you're not you fucking liar


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