Guys do you ever get to busy where u don't spend time with a girl you are into?

So ur really into the girl. But after awhile do drift off because ur schedule is so busy? I think if ur into the girl like u say u make time to see her. But if u are so busy wouldn't u tell her? And if ur not interested y not say it?


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  • Personally, I would sustain communication, but, unfortunately, most of us have a lot to accomplish (Whether schools-related activities, or work). It's hard maintaining a balance, but if he really cared for you, he would make the time.
    Most people don't say, whether or not they are interested, because there is a chance he/she may hurt the other's feelings... or, he/she may simply not care at all. But, it all depends, if I'm frank.
    If the relationship/friendship doesn't suite you/makes you become a stronger version of yourself, I would walk away.

    • He saying he's thinkin of me and miss me but its been a month different state but its only 30mins drive. Told him how i felt he kept saying we're good.

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    • @Stmarco i didn't say sustain anywhere

    • Not you

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  • My boyfriend has been super busy and we live together and I still go most of the day without seeing him lately, even on the weekends


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  • I'm actually so busy with work I don't have time to date at all 🙁☹ī¸đŸ˜Ŗ😔😞

    • Oh wow. Im sorry to hear.

  • I got shit to do. I commonly disappear for a week or two, if i catch shit for it i disappear forever.
    They can text and ask if we are good and if i text " yeah ill hit you up round the 17th"
    That needs to be it.
    Ill make time when i make time.

    • But if ur into someone wouldn't you show some initiative that ur interested?

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    • So the gm and gn text is to catch us lol. Thank you

    • Ok. We had a convo and he said he's confident in what he has. I asked what he meant and he said us. I told him i didn't know there was an us. Still don't know how to take it.

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