What should I do or say?

My boyfriend of almost 2 years told me he needed space and wanted to take a break. He didn't contact me for a while. He started being around another girl so I took that as him leaving me. So I started talking to someone else. Now he's back and he told me he wasn't with her and he never wanted to break up in the first place. I want to be with my boyfriend but I'm afraid he'll run away when things get too serious or look hard again. I was thinking of keeping the other guy around just in case. Although that's cheating in a way. How do I let the guy go (because I told him I didn't plan on going back to my boyfriend before I knew the situation) without having bad blood. I like the guy but I love my boyfriend. I am afraid to make the wrong choice on either side. Because now the other dude wants to see me but I've been reuniteing with my boyfriend. What should I do or say?
Update I gave him that space. He never wanted to break up but in that time he fell for his female best friend. And when we got back together he left me for her the day after my birthday.


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  • Take it from me. Leave him some space and dont over think everything. Thats what i need from my girlfriend. Which she didn't give me.. guys like to miss there girlfriends.

    • That's not what I'm asking but I appreciate that. I

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  • well if you really love your boyfriend then just stick with him and be honest with the other guy

    • But what could I say without having bad blood. Because before my boyfriend told me he never wanted to break up I told the other guy I didn't plan on getting back with him since I thought he didn't want to be with me

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