Why did he ask are you busy?

This guy goes to my church. He stares at me a lot.. even when I'm not looking. He compliments me... sometimes on my clothes... and every time I sing a solo. When I'm talking to him... sometimes he can't look me in the eyes. He is in the choir too. I think he has been giving me hints that he likes me... and I think he is very nervous. I caught him staring at me after the Christmas Cantata and he didn't look away until someone said something to me. I gave him my phone number in a Christmas card. He hasn't called. He said he zoned out and didn't realize he was staring. I could tell he was embarrassed. He was at evening church tonight. He wasn't there this morning though. He had also been sick. When I was coming out of the church and into the foyer he was behind me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was looking at me with his mouth open. I turned and said I hoped he was feeling better. He said yes a little bit. He said he was at his parents church that morning. Then he asked if I was busy.. I said not really. I just crochet. He asked what I was making. I told him a blanket. He said what colors? I said red... orange... it is leaves. He said a fall blanket. I said yes. He asked if I was making it for anyone or myself. I said for myself. He asked how big was it? I said pretty big. The squares are little though. You crochet the squares and then sew them together. Then he said he had to go to the bathroom. I told him to have a good week. He said you too. Why was he asking so much about the blanket? Why did he ask if I was busy? Was he trying to figure out if I was on a schedule to finish the blanket? Did he ask if I was busy... because he is working up the nerve to ask me out? I don't have much experience. Help?


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  • I'd say pretty obviously from how you describe it, he likes you. Why the weird blanket conversation that went nowhere? Because he likes you he's interested in stuff you say that would otherwise be pretty unimportant and wants to know more because it tells him more about you.
    Maybe he felt like he talked himself out of what he wanted to ask by going down another conversation and didn't feel like he could change topics back. Maybe he lost his nerve to ask you out.

    Maybe he's just making small talk asking about what you do in your free time. Maybe he has some mental issue like anxiety or mild autism, I don't know the guy.

    If you want him to ask you out, then try spending more time with him. if you never got his number back from when you have him yours, ask for it. Text him once, you can send a pic of the blanket since you told him about it, it'll open up the possibility for more conversation which if talking is hard for him it'll be easier to text but sending the first one could be tough for him too.

  • its sign of jealous...

    • What do you mean?

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    • I am so sorry and proud for you..

    • I am proud that you still religious..

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  • it's obvious that he likes you and he's so nervous around you. You should ask him out