Do you think this girl was just contacting me for work related purposes or did she want a relationship with me outside of the workplace?

She said I was awesome and offered me coffee and candy.
When she offered me candy and I declined and said Thank for the offer, she came in very upset.
I assisted her a laptop and we sat next to each other and we talked about school, work and she asked me where I lived. The next day, she sent me a chat and gave me her cell phone number asking me to please call her with a smiley face
I texted her 5 days and she responded with Hi, Name Thanks what can I help you with?
The next day, she avoided me and we stopped talking for 2 months
She even saw me in the hallway and she put her hand over her face and looked down and walked away when I looked at her.
2 months later she sent me an email with Hope you’re doing well with a smiley face emoji.
Days later she saw me in the elevator and said she said it’s been a while and she said she was stalking you and I said See ya later but she didn’t respond
Later, I went to assist her and talk to her but she didn’t seem to be too happy but she would respond and said See ya later
Week later, she sent me her a chat asking me question and she responded with Thanks.
1 week before I left, I told her through chat that I was leaving the company and she said Thank you for your help and said I didn’t know you were leaving!
The day before my last day, I went to up to her and started talking to her and she was smiling the whole time and then I started talking to other people and I noticed that she walked away.
When I left her floor she waved bye.
Last day, there was no contact from her.


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  • work related

    • What made you think that way? Just curious?

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