Stopped initiating the texts but still is engaged and quickly responds?

Alright so you guys may or may not have seen my previous question but here's the gist. Met a guy online, hit it off really well and talked very frequently with each of us initiating the conversation almost equally. He asked me out for last weekend and I was unable to bc of work. However there was an emergency where a family member ended up in the hospital. I didn't expect to hear from him much so I texted him just to check in on Tuesday and Friday. Since his family member got home Friday, I have initiated both days but he quickly responds and keeps the conversation going 50/50. I don't want to be clingy, and we did tentatively plan to go out next Saturday. Should I wait for him to text me? And part two- if I don't hear from him by Thursday or Friday should I text him to see if we are still on?


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  • Maybe he thought u were playing a game and he wanted to play one as well


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  • I use to would say just be yourself in these type of situations. That was until I realized how clingy and needy one of my friends came off to a guys she texted. She ran off lots of guys even friends with her neediness. She was on this kick I'm just going to be me. Love me for me or don't. That's great but don't give up on self improvement:/ If the conversation is going 50/50 great.

    Option 1. Continue as you are chasing him, but back off if you feel him backing off.

    Option 2. 50/50 on first text. If he text first now it's your turn to text first. Balance is always nice. Mimic his efforts no more no less.

    Option 3. Let him lead for awhile 3-6 months. Make him chase you. Give him a random first text maybe once or twice a week. You have to chase some to confirm your interest. Checking to see if you are still on for Thursday should be fine.

    Option 4. If you are clingy and you like it then embrace it. Maybe he is not right for you if he doesn't like clingy.

    *Once you are in a steady relationship don't stop pursuing the person you love. Love is what you put into it.


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