I'm worried about him?

I recently decided that I was ready to talk to the guy I fell in love with since we had some distance from each other for over six months (we were moving on with our lives and I didn't want to be suffocating). So I texted him and he texted back but later when I asked him if he was doing okay he just stopped responding. But earlier our texts were energetic and happy (meaning emojis and stuff lol) so it wasn't like he was bored. I know he's been going through some stuff and I wanted to be there for him but now I'm worried he's not telling me. We used to tell each other everything.

And he's 2500 miles from me which makes it worse. I'm starting to see why he didn't think long distance would work. I felt physically sick worrying over him. And I thought talking to him would help me stop missing him but it only made it worse. Now I just want to go hug him and kiss him and be super annoying and clingy (and I'm not an affectionate person but me and him tend to be really touchy with each other... not sexually, just like long hugs and stuff). What should I do?


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  • When he said long distance wouldn't work, he meant he didn't WANT it to work. He was politely telling you good bye.

    Accept that the relationship is over, and invest your time and energy in yourself ro a while, rather than focusing on what is happening with him--which he won't tell you!!!

    • He also promised we'd still talk and hang out and we were both upset when he left. Maybe I should just give up but it's so hard to not care about someone you love

    • Yes, of course it IS hard. That's why you need to make an effort to focus on something else. Do something new, go someplace new, meet new people.. get busy!

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