What would you do if you texted by mistake after a sweet but awkward moment?

We texted very frequently, then few days ago he suggested to watch a romance movie that he recommended some time ago. I said I was sensitive, he asked about the cause and I told about period (And because I am confused for not knowing if he likes me or not... but this of course I didn't say) and changed topic to ask for how his duty time was going. He answered that without problems and that he was more worried about my condition. Then I said sorry... and conversation finished with his quick "haha". I felt good but awkward and decided to not text him until he starts a conversation, whenever it would happen, but next day I texted to him by real mistake something i was meant to send to another person, just work stuff.. and apologized for wrong conversation... a quick "hehe ok" from him. now 2 days passed since that and I don't know if I hurt his pride with that mistake and my apology or he is just awkward for what he said. Do u think the best is to wait until he texts first? (We're not dating but things are going into a very confusing direction...)


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  • So what I'm getting at is he made a move to try and get closer to you but you shut it down because you weren't sure if he likes you or not. Now that he been shut down, you by mistake text him work stuff and just laughed it off with no conversation afterwards. If I was that guy I would probably think you were friend zoneing me.

    • I actually didn't meant to shut it down. I said sorry meaning that I apologize for making him worry. Though, one thing is what I meant, another what he could have understood...

    • yea that were I was trying to get at. that the signs he may have pick up were your not interested or you were friend zoneing him. So I would say text him first and maybe after having a normal conversation for a little bit try explaining to him what happened.

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  • Ignore it


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