Do Females or Males have it easier with attraction/ relationships?

Seeing as humans in many ways are still animals.
I personally believe its females since (including in the animal kingdom) males are the ones attracted to the females and try to win them over. Meaning the fact girls are girls, guys are instantly attracted and drawn in while girls dont experience attraction instantly until there is an emotional connection.
That and the way relationships work (also in the animal kingdom).
males try to get with females until one accepts, the male then provides/ protects the woman and child, while the girl just looks after the baby and gets taken care of. The males also often risk their lives while doing this.
While the female is less attracted (obvious through the fact they aren't attracted to attractive men without an emotional connection) and gets taken care of all because its the males instinct to care and protect while its the female to nurture and protect the baby.
In my opinion this is clearly one sided and more beneficial to the females.
really interested in hearing girl's opinions.


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  • Females have it easier with attraction, but not with relationships.

    • How so?

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    • It's not a man's job to pay. We live in an era in where women earn their own money as well. We have no excuses.

    • I agree and am pleasantly surprised by your realistic perspective, however most girls dont share this view with you

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  • Girls aren't attracted to guys make no sense at all. If this were true, every girl would be single. Attraction comes first...
    If they feel attraction after emotional connection then they can attracted to any guys even ugly one. LOL They make emotional connection only with attractive guys LOL


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  • Ummmmm... there are species where the females court the males.

    And it entirely depends on the person, not gender. I never had a problem attracting girls but I hardly fall in love with any of them.

  • Girls, of course. They just need to exist and they can have as many men as they want. Also pretty girls really don't have to work for anything in their lives, they just need to keep looking pretty and they get shit handed to them on a platter


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