How to reject a guy nicely?

I'm 18 by the way. So I've been talking to this guy for a while, and he's been pressuring me to be in a relationship. I told him before that I didn't want to be in relationship because of school and I'm not ready. I don't think he understood because he's acting like we're in one. Like he got mad at me because I didn't talk to him for a week. And there are some red flags. So is this okay, "Hey just to let you know, I don't want to date or be in a relationship. I feel like you're thinking we're in one. I don't think it's going to work out. It's best for you to talk to someone else..." Is that cool?


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  • Yeah, maybe just leave out the part about you feeling like he thinks you're in a relationship with him. Accusing him of that, even if it is most likely true may cause him to get defensive. But other than that, yeah, great. Upfront and honest, there's nothing more he can expect from you. He needs to move on.

    • Okay. Thanks. I know. I need to get it off my chest because he also wanted to take me out for Valentine's, but I don't want to go anymore.

      I had another question. I was thinking of bringing this up by first asking him, "Hey, are you talking to anyone else?" Then if he says no, I was going to tell him that response. Is that okay?

    • I don't really think it's necessary, but if you would like to ask him that, sure. It's definitely okay, a lot of people will just flat out ignore someone if they're in your situation so you're automatically going about it in a better way than they are.

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  • He's been pressuring you to be in a relationship? Lol. Anyway, the response you prepared is good.


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